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Milow Advanced Media: Technology meets the Greens

Cyber Advisors' Golf Event reminds us of our love for the game. Milow Advanced Media can help keep you playing year-round from the comfort of your own home.

August 22nd marks the 16th annual Cyber Advisors Golf Tournament hosted at Rush Creek Golf Course where golfers from all around Minnesota compete.

Eric Milow, the VP #MilowAdvancedMedia, surprisingly was not the hole-in-one lucky golfer of the day (Pictured below on The Milow Advanced Media & Milow Electric tee box.)

Cyber Advisors, IT specialists located in Maple Grove MN, are fantastic hosts who put on an amazing event with fabulous food, prizes, and fun for all. Thank you #CyberAdvisors for inviting us to their awesome tournament again this year.

As the Minnesota summer comes to a close and we try to wedge in those last moments on the green, we want to remind you that the snow season we have all grown to love (and not love so much at times) is not the end of the world's best game. Milow Advanced Media can keep the game going all year round with a custom Golf Simulator. With a Golf Simulator you can play your favorite PGA courses anytime from the comfort of your home or office.

A Golf Simulator can help snow-lovers golf all year round with fantastic features like auto-tee systems, easy touch screen control, and hydraulic swing plates. The #Golfzon simulator even comes with a virtual caddy, club head data, and laser assistance to get that perfect swing and hone in on bettering your game. At this point, we'll let the cast of Billy Madison remind you of a few cherished golf tips: #itsallinthehips #BillyMadison #AdamSandler #CarlWeathers

The simulator is so realistic you will believe you are on the back nine at #PebbleBeach, teeing off in bright sun at #Augusta, or battling Bermuda grass and sand at #Bayhill. OH FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME-- don't let winter, or even a pesky #groundhog, pause your passion for golf. Give us a call today for a custom quote on your new golf simulator. Click HERE or call 952-475-2270 to get started.

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