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Thank you Ben Scanlon for 25 years with Milow Electric!

This year we are congratulating Electrical Project Manager Ben Scanlon on a 25-year career with Milow Electric. In the office, there's a running joke that Ben's phone must be medically attached to his ear because he can't seem to put it down. All humor aside, it's his evident devotion to our customers and employees that we admire so greatly.

Ben started with Milow Electric as an electrical apprentice while attending Anoka Technical College. Upon graduation, he started the journey of his 25-year career with the Milow family. He remembers his first day with the company all too well. He humorously recalled how the now VP of Advanced Media, Eric Milow, must have wanted him fired for not knowing the difference between electrical fittings. Ben shortly after became a Journeyman Electrician and then was promoted to the Electrical Project Manager role. Ben's vast expertise in the field is of paramount importance to our company and his approachable and friendly personality makes him a true treasure to the team of Milow Electric.

In addition to being an amazing Project Manager, Ben is also a great fisherman, loves to travel with his family, and is obsessed with Baseball. He mentioned the coolest job he had with Milow Electric was wiring Kirby Puckett's hall of fame room and getting to meet him. At the time, Kirby Puckett was Ben's all-time favorite baseball hero.

Ben absolutely knows how to mix business with fun. He is well-known around the office for his fun-tastic Halloween costumes during our Halloween Potluck event, his witty sense of sarcastic humor, and good-natured banter with Electrical Office Manager Nickie Skogman and Estimator Bill Paumen.

Please read the quick Q+A below with Ben and help us thank him for 25 years with Milow Electric.

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