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    Video Games, Video Conferencing, Home Office,
    and Home Automation Systems are now a regular part of our everyday lives and each of these systems require access to the internet to function properly. Over the last decade, interdependency on networking services as grown tremendously with streaming media services like NetFlix and iTunes, VoIP communication program such as Skype, and the high quality graphic processing in online gaming. developed, Let’s not forget the multitude of devices of each of family member all fighting for bandwidth!

    With a Milow Advanced Media commercial grade network, you can easily meet the needs of both your home’s automation system and your personal use of your home’s networking infrastructure..

    What is a commercial grade network?

    A unified home networking solution is specifically designed for the automated home. Our networks are programmed with corporate IT best-practices in mind, and is guaranteed to meet corporate IT’s standards, allowing for VPN, VoIP and Video conferencing. We work to verify your network supports all network-dependent electronic equipment installed in your home.

    What about my wireless network?

    When it comes to Wi-Fi, users are sick and tired of unstable connections, dropped packets, and erratic performance. They need a smarter wireless LAN (WLAN) system that provides way better coverage, capacity, and reliability. They want all the bells and whistles of high-end WLAN, in a system that’s more affordable and easier to deploy and manage.



    Our networks ensure roaming devices such as laptops or handheld touch screens are seamlessly “handed-off” from one access point to another, keeping you client connected as you move throughout your property. Whole house coverage is also not an issue with intelligent access points that use optimum signal path selection, automatic WLAN-wide interference avoidance, and WLAN-wide automatic RF coordination to adapt to the constantly-changing Wi-Fi environment


    What about reliability?

    Enterprise-Grade networks provide the most stable performance. Additionally, enterprise-grade networks will automatically prioritizes traffic to certain parts of the network to ensure sure that the connection is never interrupted. Voice and video applications, for example, can receive priority so that video conferences are never interrupted no matter how many songs or movies someone is downloading on another part of the network.
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Network design process

01. Planning

Carefully assess the layout, building materials, and current electronics in use

02. Site Survey

arefully assess the layout, building materials, and current electronics in use

03. Install and Implementation

utilizing specific equipment that will provide the most optimal performance. Then, your system is configured to maximize the performance needs of your system use.

04. Stress testing

passing a rigorous testing phase,