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  • What is Home Automation?

    It’s Convenience.  Control and automate just about every device and appliance within your home whether you are at home or far away. We’ve all gotten used to controlling our TV from the couch; just wait until you are able to dim the lights as well. Imagine adjusting the temperature from your bed or controlling the volume of your whole-house audio system from any room. Or imagine the wall/ceiling heater in your bathroom coming on automatically on chilly mornings 5 minutes before your alarm clock goes off so that it is warm when you enter. Many home automation products also save energy — we’ll all agree that’s a nice convenience.

    It’s Safety.  Always on guard and at the ready, home automation provides security, safeguarding your home. From a security camera’s peering eye to a water sensor that will alert you of a possible costly leak, an automated home keeps your property under surveillance so you can react at a moment’s notice. We’re all used to opening the garage door from the car, but you’ll be surprised how much safer you’ll feel coming home to a lit home and even unlocking the door from your phone upon your arrival. With a couple of basic accessories to your system you can have your whole house light up like Fort Knox when there is motion detected at any corner of your house. Imagine your house sending you an email if there is motion where there shouldn’t be any. Or you can have your security system call you if there is an alarm, which might include your typical security alarm or even a low or high temperature or water in the laundry room or basement.

    It’s Energy Savings.  Saving energy with your lighting saves you money and prolongs the life of your light bulbs. Milow Advanced Media can help you reduce your energy costs by using low voltage lighting, and automatic lighting controls. Ultra low voltage LED bulbs, which require a small amount of energy to power but produce a very bright light means the brightness of these bulbs can be reduced, by running them at a less than maximum brightness, with no loss of light to the naked eye whilst achieving considerable energy savings. Timers can be set to turn off lights at particular times or after a certain period of time.

    Light sensors for daylight harvesting can turn lights on or off to preset levels depending on the amount of natural light in the room. Motion sensors can be deployed to turn lights off when no movement has been detected in a room for a set period of time. Many other electrical devices can also be programmed to turn off after a certain period of inactivity. Shading solutions can also be programmed to “harvest” the natural heat from sunlight during the winter or close the blinds to hold in cool air in the summertime.



    It’s Fun.  Home automation gets you involved. Set your personal preferences and actions, then sit back and enjoy using the latest in home automation technology. Though such technology is quite complex, it remains completely flexible and user friendly making for a fun experience. High-tech products for the home are fun to use and share with others. Whether viewing visitors at your front door on your TV or tuning your stereo by using your phone, you’ll find home automation surprisingly enjoyable. “Home audio and video is great for parties and entertaining” – Milow Advanced Media Customer.

    Next time you’re having guests, think about how great it would be if you could control audio and video throughout your entire home – on all floors and even outdoors – with the touch of a button to manage audio and video selections and volumes from a single keypad or touchscreen or even your smartphone! If you entertain fairly often, a home remote control system will make every event easier. Many of Milow Advanced Media’s home automation systems feature a “Party” or “Entertainment” button. From one button on a keypad or touch panel, you can set lighting, music, volume, video and even the temperature. It may sound futuristic, but we’ve got the technology and design capabilities to enable you to actually control your entire house today…and we guarantee it is easy to use! Picture this: You walk into your home theater room and press a single button on your iPad touchscreen. The lights slowly dim to a soft glow, as the curtains open automatically revealing your cleverly hidden home theater screen which lists all of your DVDs alphabetically. As you make your selection (or choose an HDTV channel), your audio and video equipment come to life. You sit back, enjoying it all – entertained, amazed and impressed by your own media room. And when it comes to impressing the friends, you’ll be happy to show off your newfound applications. These are some of the powerful experiences of home automation design and installation by Milow Advanced Media.

    What can be achieved with a home automation system?
    • Lighting – set the mood with contemporary lighting design and save money and energy.
    • Multi room audio and video distribution.- enjoy sound and video throughout the home
    • CCTV – feel secure in your home, know who is at the door before you open it. Monitor your home remotely when you are abroad.
    • Security – Arm and disarm your security system, lock or unlock your doors remotely.
    • Climate control – keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter
    • Central archive storage of CD’s, DVD’s, and downloaded content – all your media at your finger tips
    • Blinds and curtains – enjoy natural light from sunrise, and peace of mind at sunset
    • Customized user interface – total home control at your finger tips
    What does 'distributed' audio and video mean?

    “Watch anything in any room at any time” Distributed entertainment consists of a centralized audio video system that can provide audio and video signals throughout your home. The only thing required to be in each room are speakers and TV screens. Through wall-mounted control panels, remote controls, or smart phones/tablets, you’re able to control the system. You can have your centralized components out in your living room, or even hidden away in a closet somewhere in your house. You may choose to have additional source components locally in rooms for convenience. No matter where they’re located, components can also be available to the rest of the system if you want them to be, so you can share a Blu-ray or DVR movie in any room in the home.

    What different automation systems do you offer and which one is right for me?

    We offer many different control systems that will fit your needs, below is some basic information about a few of the product lines we offer with links to their websites for further information. Contact us today and let us recommend the right control system that fits your needs and budget.


    Crestron has set the standard in automation and control systems for over four decades. Discerning clients, from world leaders and CEOs to professional athletes and entertainers, use our solutions every day, enjoying the ultimate in comfort, convenience, simplicity and security, as well as lower energy costs. When it comes to your home and your life, you don’t settle for anything but the very best. You want everything to be complete, easy and worry-free. That’s what a true home automation solution should be, and that’s what you get with Crestron. With Crestron you can easily control everything in your home, room-by-room, using our ultra-cool touch screens and remotes, or anytime, anywhere from your favorite smart device.

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    RTI’s guiding passion is to create products that transform any home theater (or other audio/video system) into a truly pleasant experience – each and every day it is used. Achieving this result requires a great deal of innovation, and an unusual commitment to every detail of product design. To us, a product that is usable, durable, and reliable is not good enough. We demand that the product experience not only be functional, but also enjoyable. It is this philosophy that sets RTI apart from our competition.

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    Pro Control:

    Combining advanced capabilities with unprecedented value, Pro Control programmable remote controls, professional-grade control systems and accessories provide the ultimate control solution for professionally installed entertainment systems.

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